Yolanda. Six months later

Coron has healed quite quickly after Yolanda powered through six plus months ago.  Aid and volunteers came from all over the world to help the Philippines.  We had crews of workers from the electric company in Puerto Princessa come up and help to replace the downed power poles and get the power lines up and running again.  I met countless individuals from several organizations such as the Red Cross and others.  One of our guests that was here during the typhoon, upon arrival home, organized donations from her friends and family in Australia.









We used the donations to help in the rebuilding and restocking of the small medical clinic in village of La Jolla.  La Jolla is a small fishing village on the neighboring Uson Island, and is home to many of the boat captains and boat crew that take divers and island hoppers out around the Coron area.  The donations not only helped to rebuild the health center, but also replace damaged equipment such as:  stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, glucose monitors, and consumables such as sterile bandages, latex gloves, and antiseptics.









Coron still has some scars.  The cross is still down at Mt. Tapyas, but the stunning sunset views are the same.  The local government does have plans to replace it, not only for the tourists, but for the spirit of the locals as well.  A couple of the smaller seaside hotels are gone.  However,  more have been built and there are new restaurants as well.  We lost many trees, and you can still notice it when visiting the Islands.  But with the rainy season upon us, everything has greened up nicely and new growth is starting to cover any evidence that there was ever a storm at all.



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We are a full service PADI 5 Star Dive Center and the only PADI TecRec facility in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. We offer daily scuba dive trips and PADI courses in the Wreck Diving Capitol of the Philippines!
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